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Current licensing applications

A full list of all the current applications being processed.

On this page you will our current applications in relation to Public Processions and Civic Government Licences.


East Renfrewshire Council has received the undernoted Notices of Proposals to hold Public Processions within East Renfrewshire in terms of the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982.

Anyone wishing to object to or make representations in respect of the notices listed below should submit their objection or representation, in writing, to the Chief Officer - Legal & Procurement, Council Headquarters, Eastwood Park, Rouken Glen Road, Giffnock G46 6UG, within the specified period of objection listed below. Should you have any enquiries or wish any advice on any matters regarding the notices, please contact us at

Mr Gerry Mahon

Chief Officer - Legal & Procurement

If you would like to view current applications for Liquor Licences please note they're added to a Scottish-wide portal: Tell Me Scotland

Current public procession applications
Ref. NoDate of ProcessionProposed RouteNo. of MarchersName of Organisation and Reason for paradeExpiry Date for ObjectionsStatus of Application
PP/01/1726 Feb 17Assemble at 1000hours in car park at rear of shops on Arthur St, proceed along Eaglesham Rd, then right turn into Greenbank Church70223rd Boys Brigade and Clarkston Guides & Brownies3/2/17Approved
PP/02/1719 Feb 17Assemble at 1030hours at end of Randolph Drive at junction with Stamperland Gdns. Moving into Stamperland Gdns and marching as far as Stamperland Parish Church70Church Parade 231st Glasgow Company Boys Brigade, 1st Stamperland Guides and 79th Glasgow Scout Troop.15/2/17Approved
PP/03/176 May 17

Assemble at Neilston Swimming Baths at 1300 hours then in to Main Street Neilston and on to Uplawmoor Rd and disperse at Lands of Holehouse, Neilston

50Neilston Agricultural Show15/3/17Approved
PP/04/1714 Apr 17Assemble at St John's Church 10.15 then walk up Main St past Health Centre, Salvation Army, Bourock Church, St Andrew,s Church Main St then back down Main St and disperse in front of Asda70 - 100Action Of Barrhead Churches10/3/17Approved
PP/05/1718 Mar 17Assemble at Speirsbridge Ave at 1615hours and proceed via Main St ,Thornliebank Road.60Thornliebank & Pollokshaws District Orange Lodge No 28. St Patrick's Day Parade10/3/17Approved
PP/06/1723 Apr 17Assemble at 1915hours at Ormonde Cres, turn left into Ormonde Drive past Netherlee Church and into Ormonde Avenue. Disperse at side door of Netherlee Church.100Netherlee Parish Church Parade.  Parade of Uniformed Organisations ( BB, Scouts etc )13/3/17Approved
PP/07/1728 Apr 179.15 Assemble at school,move onto Strathaven Rd into Gilmour St along Glasgow RD, through Waterfoot. Turn left onto Waterfoot Rd and onto Mearns Castle High School. Return to Eaglesham Primary School via same Route ( At Belle Craig Roundabout use Underpass )63Eaglesham Primary School20/3/17Approved
PP/08-171 July 178.30 am Assemble at Thornliebank Rd, move on to Boydstone Rd at Thornliebank Rd Main St.70 - 100Thornliebank & Pollokshaws LOL 1721/5/17Approved
PP/09-171 July 179.00 am Assemble at Spiersbridge Ave, and leave via Main St , stop at cenotaph to lay wreath, Thornliebank Rd.180

Thornliebank & Pollokshaws LOL 28



PP/10-171 July 17

15.30pm Assemble at Titwood Rd in Glasgow come back to ERC via Thornliebank Rd, Main St and Spiersbridge Avenue.

180Thornliebank & Pollokshaws

LOL 28

PP/11-1720 May 17

Assemble at Arthurlie House 4.45pm. Exit Arthurlie House, turn left onto Springhill Rd, right into Ralston Rd, turn left onto Main St (A736) continue to Allan's Corner Roundabout and onto Cross Arthurlie St. Along to John St, turn left onto John St and continue then turn left onto Barns St, continue onto Robertson St and turn left onto Robertson St and disperse.

120Barrhead Mitchelburne Club A.B.O.D.1/5/17Approved
PP/12-171 July 17Assemble Speirsbridge Avenue at 1245 hours proceed via Main St, Thornliebank Rd, Auldhouse Rd, East Renfrewshire.60Loyal Orange Institution District No 281/5/17Approved
PP/13-171 July 17Assemble Muriel St at 1400hours Proceed Via Carlibar Rd, Cross Arthurlie St, Allans Corner, Barrhead Main St, Water Rd to Barrhead Health Centre to board buses.250Loyal Orange Institution District No 281/5/17Approved
PP/14-173 June 17Assemble at Eaglesham Primary School at 1030hours, head along Gilmour St to traffic lights turn left into Montgomery St, to Mid Road and into Polnoon St , left into Gilmour St , into Holehouse Rd, right to Pollock Ave, around Park Crescent to Eaglesham Playing Fields400Eaglesham Fair1/5/17Approved
PP/15-177 May 1710.15am assemble Glen Place, turn right into Seres Road, proceed to mini roundabout then over to Vardar Avenue, halt at side of Williamwood Church and enter Church, Return along Vardar Avenue onto Seres Road into Morven Drive and disperse.100128th Glasgow Boys' Brigade30/4/2017Approved
PP/16-171 July 17

Assembly 17.15 hours at Spiersbridge Avenue.   Start time: 17:30 hours Route:  Spiersbridge Avenue, Main Street, Thornliebank Road to cenotaph, lay wreath, Thornliebank Road, Main Street, Spiersbridge Avenue, disperse.

25Pride of the Village FB30/6/2017



PP17-175 Aug 17At 2.45 pm Exit Arthurlie House,turn left into Springhill Rd, along to Ralston Rd, turn right along to Main St , proceed to Dovecothall Roundabout then on to Darnley Rd to Cowan Park and into Cowan park to lay wreath at Cenotaph. Return to Darnley Rd, then left to Dovecothall Roundabout. Along Main St to Allans Corner Roundabout on to Cross Arthurlie St, along to John St then into Barnes St then left into Robertson St and disperse150Barrhead Mitchelburne Club A.B.O.D.21/7/2017Approved
PP18/1712 Nov 17Assemble at Fairweather Hall 1015hours Move off 1030hours to Newton Mearns Cenotaph then march down Ayr Rd, turn right into Shaw Rd then onto Larchfield Avenue, arrive at Newton Mearns Synagogue in Larchfield Court.80Association of Jewish Ex-Servicemen and Women11/8/17Approved
PP19/1728/10/2017Assemble at 1700 hours at Tesco Car Park Barrhead, move off at 1730hours into Cross Arthurlie St, then Carlibar Rd along to Dovecothall Roundabout and up Main Street to dispersal point in front of Asda Barrhead.100All About Barrhead11/09/2017Approved
PP20/177/10/2017Assemble at 1245hours at Spiersbridge Avenue, move off at 1300hours proceed via Main St Thornliebank60Loyal Orange Lodge 16427/9/2017Approved
PP21/171/10/2017Assemble at 1030 hours at top of Randolph Drive at junction with Stamperland Gdns. Move off at 1045hours Moving right into Stamperland Gdns and marching as far as Stamperland Parish Church70231ST Glasgow Company Boys Brigade, 1st Stamperland Guides, 79th Glasgow Scout Troop27/09/2017Approved
PP22/1711/11/2017Assemble at 1015 hours at Spiersbridge Avenue move off at 1030hours into Main Street, Thornliebank Rd to Cenotaph, lay wreath then into Thornliebank Rd, Main St, Spiersbridge Avenue and disperse.25Pride Of The Village F.B. Thornliebank27/09/2017Approved
PP23/175/11/2017Assemble at 1015 hours at Lynn Drive Eaglesham. Move off at 1020 hours into Gilmour St, then into Polnoon St, Mid Road into Montgomery St. Disperse at Eaglesham Parish Church and then 12 noon return by same streets.65205th Boys' Brigade Company Eaglesham9/10/2017Approved
PP24/1713/11/2017Assemble at 1030 hours at Fairweather Hall. Move off at 1045 hours into Barrhead Rd, Ayr Rd, on to Cenotaph. Then back to Fairweather Hall using the same streets.80Royal British Legion Scotland Newton Mearns9/10/2017Approved
PP25/1712/11/2017Assemble at Neilston Primary School at 1020 hours. Move off at 1030 hours proceed right on to High St towards Neilston Parish Church and enter.65

1st Neilston Boys' Brigade

PP/26/1729 Oct 2017Assemble in car park at rear of shops on Arthur St at 1000hours. Move off at 1010hours and proceed along Eaglesham Rd into Greenbank Church. Then at 11.40 reform in Greenfield Rd and parade back to Arthur St60223rd Boys Brigade and Clarkston Guides & Brownies20/10/2017


PP/2712 Nov 2017Assemble 0915hours at Scout Hall Broom Rd, move off at 0930hours and head southeast out of the scout hall and continue along Broom Rd onto Mearns Rd. Cross Mearns Rd at pedestrian lights and enter Broom Rd East into Broom Parish Church. Then at 1100hours return to Scout Hall Broom Rd180171st Glasgow Scout Group23/10/2017Approved
PP/2812 Nov 2017Assemble at Moorhill Rd, at 1000hours move off at 1015hours, via Ayr Rd to Newton Mearns Parish Church, then after Service move off from staff car park, Church Lane, Ayr150 - 200Newton Mearns Parish Church  Boys Brigade, Scouts, Guides & Brownies.26/10/2017Approved
PP/2912 Nov 2017Assemble at United Services Club, Barrhead at 1345hours. Move off at 1400hours along Paisley Rd, onto Cross Arthurlie St, Main St, Darnley Rd and into Cowan Park.40East Renfrewshire Council26/10/2017Approved
PP/3012 Nov 2017Assemble at Spiersbridge Avenue, at 1100hours. Move off at 1115hours via Main St , stop at Cenotaph to lay wreath then continue along Main St onto Thornliebank Rd.60Thornliebank & Pollokshaws LOL 2830/10/2017Approved
PP/3112 Nov 2017Assemble at Glen Place, at 1000hours Proceed onto Seres Rd and right to mini roundabout, onto Vardar Ave. Dispersal into Williamwood Church. Then at noon assemble beside church to mini roundabout, left onto Seres Rd, downhill to Morven Dr, and disperse.120128th Glasgow Boys' Brigade / Williamwood Church

Remembrance Service & Parade

PP/3217 Dec 2017Assemble at Broom Church at 1500hours Move off at 1530hours up Broom Rd East, disperse at Calderwood Lodge Primary School80+Glasgow Jewish Rep Council For Chanukah Celebration31/10/2017Approved
PP/3318 Nov 2017Assemble at Arthur Place and Arthur St at 1630hours,move off at 1700hours into Eaglesham Rd. Turn right towards the Sheddens Roundabout and take first exit along Busby Rd until Clarkston Toll roundabout. Turn right into Clarkston Rd before an immediate right turn into the Goods Yard Car Park, which is closed for the duration of the event - Clarkston Christmas Light Switch On.80 - 100I Love Clarkston

Santa Parade as Part of Town Centre Christmas Lights Switch On

PP/3412 Nov 2017Assemble at top of Randolph Drive at 1020hours, move off at 1030hours into Stamperland Gardens and march to Stamperland Parish Church. At close of service march up to Stamperland Gardens and Randolph Drive70231st Glasgow Company Boys Brigade, 1st Stamperland Guides, 79th Glasgow Scout Troop

Church Parade

PP/3512 Nov 2017Assemble at Broadlie Rd at Neilston Parish Church at 1200hours, move off at 1215hours turn right into Main St and process to War Memorial at Main St Neilston for short service and laying of wreath.50Neilston War Memorial Association1/11/2017Approved
PP/363 Dec 2017Assemble at 1100hours at Asda, Main St Barrhead, at 1200hours turn right onto Main St , at Allan's Corner take exit into Cross Arthurlie St, then right onto Cochrane St dispersing at Carpark Centenary Park.50All About Barrhead BID For Santa Parade & Christmas Light Switch On.28/11/2017Approved
PP/379 Dec 2017Assemble at Arthurlie House at 1530hours, at 1545hours turn left into Springhill Rd. Continue right into Ralston Rd, then turn left onto Main St ( A737) to Allan's Corner Roundabout. Then right into Cross Arthurlie St, along to John St on the left, then left again into Barnes St. Continue into Robertson St and . Finish parade, then disperse.80Barrhead Mitchelburne Club A.B.O.D. for

Commemorative Parade



Current civic government licence applications
Ref. NoDate of ApplicationType Of LicenceName of ApplicantLocation and Operating DetailsExpiry Date for Objections
SPTL/01415/1/18New Application for a Skin Piercing & Tattooing LicenceRory Lear

Upper Level, 72 Busby Rd,Clarkston,G76 7AUScalp Micropigmentation 7 days a week 9am - 5pm

5th February 2018

How to object

To object or find out more about these licences or adverts please get in touch using the contact information below.

Business Support
Council Headquarters,
Eastwood Park,
East Renfrewshire.
G46 6UG
Phone: 0141 577 3001
Mon to Fri: 8.45am - 4.45pm

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