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Council performance, statistics and spending


Statistics on deprivation.

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The main areas of deprivation

There are 120 data zones (small population units) in total across the East Renfrewshire area and of these there are 7 data zones that are amongst 15 per cent of the most deprived areas within Scotland. Locally, 5,453 people (6 per cent of the population) live in these concentrated 7 zones of deprivation.

Table 10

Most deprived data zones in East Renfrewshire 7 data zones that are amongst 15% of the most deprived areas within Scotland
BarrheadName of data zone
S01001770Dunterlie, East Arthurlie and Dovecothall
S01001778Dunterlie, East Arthurlie and Dovecothall
S01001783Dunterlie, East Arthurlie and Dovecothall
NeilstonName of data zone
S01001724West Neilston and Uplawmoor
Total7 data zones

Working age benefits

In East Renfrewshire, 5,180 (9.2 per cent) residents claim one or more type of working age benefit. Out of work benefit claims peaked at 5,240 in August 2009, and have been progressively reducing to 3,710 in November 2015, a reduction of more than 1,500 claims. The number of people currently claiming out of work benefits has never been as low. 

Forty-four per cent of East Renfrewshire's out of work claimants come from Barrhead, despite this area representing just 20 per cent of the working age population. Areas with high concentrations of those people out of work are found primarily in Auchenback, Arthurlie, Dunterlie and Neilston, which corresponds to the small areas within East Renfrewshire's that are among the 15% most deprived areas in Scotland, as identified by the SIMD 2012.

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