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Bins, recycling and rubbish

Share and donate

Don't throw it away! There are a number of online networks that make donating and sharing easy. You may even find an item to save you buying new.

Lurking in sheds, attics and cupboards are items that are too good to throw away but are not loved or needed any more. Give them a new lease of life by using online networks such as Ebay and Gumtree, FreeCycle and Freegle. These sites are free to use, or incur a small fee, and may allow you to recoup some value from the items that you are offering up for grabs. One man's trash is another man's treasure.

These sites are also a great port of call if you are looking for something specific too. Reducing consumption in this way may not feel like you are making a difference but it's one less thing that will eventually enter our waste stream.

Donating to Charity Shops or local Re-Use Organisations such as Re-use It, or to Church and Scout Hall Fundraising Sales or even doing your own Car Boot Sale, are all fantastic ways to reduce waste.

Sharing is also a key waste saving action. Before buying new, it's worth checking around to see if you can borrow or indeed, hire the item in question.

Communities such as Streetbank are revolutionising sharing, lending, bartering and swapping at a local level. It's an online social network that puts you in touch with your community. For example, you may not have a ladder to clear your gutters but a neighbour may have one that they'd be happy to share with you for the price of a coffee or perhaps, you have some tools or skills that they could make use of.

If you have any good examples of sharing in your neighbourhood, we would love to hear from you.

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