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Planning and Building Standards

What other consent may be needed for my project?

Other consent that you may need to include:

  • If you are altering a listed building then you will need Listed Building Consent.
  • If you are demolishing a building or walls in a conservation area, you may need Conservation Area Consent.
  • If you are erecting an advertisement, you may need Advertisement Consent.
  • If you are doing works to trees covered by a tree preservation order, you need permission.
  • If there are protected bird or animal species at the site, you will need permission to disturb them.

To apply for the first four of the above you should visit the website to make an application online or download a paper form. For information regarding protected species please visit the Scottish Natural Heritage website.

Building Warrants

New buildings and alterations to existing buildings need to meet the appropriate building standards and may need a building warrant. For more information in this regard please visit:

Changes of Use

If you are changing the use of a property, you may need council consent. Most uses are allocated into a 'class' as defined in the:

If you are changing to a use within the same 'class', you will not need consent.

If you are changing to a use within a different 'class', you are likely to need consent.

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