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Telephone banking scam

This article was first published on: 13 October 2015

Residents are being warned of scam that has hit East Ren this week.

East Renfrewshire Council is warning residents of a telephone banking scam that has hit the area this week.

Thousands of pounds have been handed out to fraudsters posing as telephone banking and employing different tricks to obtain security details.

The common fraud involves residents receiving a call from a person alleging to be from the bank, claiming that their account is under attack and telling the resident to hang up and phone the number on the back of their card to confirm they are genuine.

The fraudsters don't hang up at the other end and carry on the scam by pretending to be from the bank and obtaining card security details to allow them to steal money from the account.

It is important that everyone is aware that banks and building societies will never ask anyone to disclose their PIN number or to transfer money to another account. They will never come to your home to collect money, cards or cheques or ask you to purchase goods using your card.

Everyone should be wary of cold callers who ask you to call them back and of fraudsters keeping your telephone line open when you think they have hung up. It is important to remember never to disclose any details such as PIN numbers, passwords and banks details to anyone on the telephone and that you can terminate telephone calls at any time. If you are suspicious of any telephone call please contact the police by calling 101.

- Area Commander for East Renfrewshire, Chief Inspector Angela Carty

Important advice for residents

  • If you receive any unexpected calls claiming to be from the bank or building society treat it as an attempted fraud. Hang up and go into your local branch to report the incident
  • Concerned residents who wish to protect themselves, or a parent or friend, from fraud/scams should contact the Prevention Team on 0141 577 3782.

 There are simple practical steps you can take to protect against scams. We can help residents placed in vulnerable situations by implementing a bespoke prevention pack to protect them against telephone, doorstep, mail and online fraud.

- Principal Prevention Officer, Paul Holland

Top tips

  • Contact the Prevention Team who have a host of information and practical steps to keep you safe on 0141 577 3782.
  • Display a "No Cold Calling Sticker" and refuse to deal with commercial callers who don't have an appointment. Ring and Report failure to observe the sticker 0800 013 0076
  • Only hire tradesman who have an established trading record or use the council's Trusted Traders Scheme
  • Register with the Telephone Preference Service or preferably fit a nuisance call blocker (offered free to residents in vulnerable situations, subject to availability)
  • Get online safety advice at
  • Don't deal with anyone claiming to be from the bank over the phone, go into the branch
  • Phone Police Scotland on 101 if you suspect you are being targeted by a fraudster or 999 if you are in immediate danger.

For more information on scams and how to prevent them, visit our Prevention team page.

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