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Bins, recycling and rubbish

Your four bin service

The way your recycling and waste is collected changed at the beginning of October including collection days. Find out all you need to know.

The four bin colours of the new service

The new four bin service replaces the old managed weekly collections service.

The new bin service means:

  • An end to blue boxes, white sacks and green bags for the majority of residents. We are introducing two new wheeled bins for recycling.
  • Residents will now be able to recycle cardboard and cardboard lined cartons at the kerbside.
  • Residents will receive a more frequent collection of bulky plastics.
  • Food and garden waste will be collected weekly in the existing 240 litre capacity brown bin.*
  • Paper, cardboard (including corrugated/packing cardboard) and cardboard lined cartons will be collected every three weeks from a blue 240 litre bin.
  • Plastics, glass and cans collected every three weeks from a green 240 litre bin.
  • Non-recyclable waste collected every three weeks from a grey 240 litre bin.
  • Increased capacity for waste and recycling.

*240 litres is the size of the brown bin currently used for garden and food waste.

Both recycling centres will remain open: Recycling centres and points.

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Your four bin service

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