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Bins, recycling and rubbish

I live in a flat

Will my service be changed too?

We will extend the service to as many properties as possible and this means that the majority of flatted developments will move onto the new service. Even where it is not possible due to storage restrictions or access issues, the change to the new service will result in new or different configurations of bins, in almost all cases. We will directly communicate with residents in flats about how their service may change which will include changes to bins and/or frequency and day of collection.  Letters will be issued prior to the new service change to let them know exactly what to do with their waste and recycling.  .

I recycle but my neighbours don't so the grey bins will be full within a week and then they will just put their rubbish into the recycling bins.

In instances of misuse of bins and contamination, our Cleansing Crews will report this. The residents will be advised of the need to use bins correctly in writing and thorough visits made by Cleansing Officers. East Renfrewshire Council is obliged to provide recycling services to all residents (except rural properties) under the Waste (Scotland) Regulations 2012 but where problems are persistent, recycling bins may be removed. This will leave limited capacity for general waste and where waste is not contained within a bin, Environmental Health Officers will take appropriate action. Please note that this is a last resort and we will work closely with residents to make sure that they understand the importance of using the bins correctly.

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