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Council Tenants (repair & improvement guide)

A guide has been produced for all council tenants to help them understand why the council carry out repairs to the communal or mutually owned parts of the property and some detailed information or what type of work we may carry out inside your property.

Some tenants live in properties where there are a mixture of home owners and council tenants. These properties are known as "mixed tenure" and some of the information in this brochure refers to the examples of external repairs to "communal" areas within your block where we often require the agreement from owners in order to undertake the repair. Liaising with owners, who will have to pay for the repairs, can sometimes delay the process.

This guide:

  • Outlines how we classify repairs, our approach to the types of repairs we will do, how we will do them and when we will do them and tries to answer all the frequently asked questions you may have.
  • Outlines what our Capital Programme and Planned Work Programmes are and how we deliver them explains briefly how properties are chosen to be included in the work programmes.
  • Provides information about the standards and quality of work you can expect.

You can view more information by accessing the 'repair and improvement guide for council tenants':

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