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Housing services

What does the council do as factor?

What does the council do as factor?

There is lots of work that goes on behind the scenes of the factoring service, in fact the majority of the work involved is office based. The non-office based activities that are carried out as part of the factoring service are the inspections that the Technical Officer carries out.

Here are some of the tasks carried out by East Renfrewshire Council's Housing Service as part of the factoring service.

Administrative tasks

*these tasks are a requirement of the Property Factors (Scotland) Act 2011

  • Registers all factored properties with the Scottish Government on the Property Factors Register.*

  • Annually provides the Scottish Government with up to date information on which properties they factor.*

  • Records details of homeowners and updates this information regularly when there are house sales and other changes.

  • Writes to homeowners with information about factoring.

  • Prepares and distributes written statement of services.*

Repairs management

  • Receives calls from customers to report common repairs issues.

  • Pre-inspects certain repairs (where needed) to establish what work is required and estimates the costs for the work.

  • Seeks competitive quotes for high value repairs.

  • Checks title deeds to ensure correct procedures are applied for every repair.

  • Writes to homeowners with details of necessary common repairs that are required and estimated costs for the work.

  • Write to or phones homeowners to vote on whether to proceed with necessary work where needed.

  • Holds close meetings where required to reach majority decisions to proceed with necessary work or improvements when one or more homeowners don't return their mandate.

  • Carries out inspections of repairs in progress and upon completion of work.

  • Raises inspections and cheque requests and sends letters to homeowners who carry out their own work.

  • Issues orders to instruct work to contractors.

  • Investigates and answers customer's enquiries and complaints on repairs, invoices and communication.

Invoicing homeowners

  • Prepares job packs for completed jobs for invoicing.

  • Calculates owners share proportions of completed jobs in accordance with title deeds or usage.

  • Issues invoices to customers.

  • Creates and distributes annual newsletter.

  • Conducts regular customer satisfaction surveys.

  • Develops the service further and continues to make improvements.

It is important to note that the council has a responsibility to notify you about any common repairs required at your block and that legally we cannot instruct any work that is not deemed to be necessary. The council is also legally responsible for registering as a Property Factor with the Scottish Government and is obliged to carry out all work associated with its legal requirements.

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