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Planning and Building Standards

Public Safety

Information regarding Dangerous Buildings, Section 89 and Section 50 Notices

Dangerous Buildings, Structures Or Other Building Related Emergencies

The Building Standards and Public Safety team will respond immediately to a report of a dangerous building or structure. This is a 24 hour service.

If you require to report a dangerous building, structure or other building related emergency please use the following phone numbers

Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays), between 8.45am and 1.00pm please call 0141 577 3001   

To report a dangerous building or structure at all other times, please call  0141 577 3556

Temporary Raised Structures

Section 89 - Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982

Section 89 of The Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982, requires that prior to the use of a raised structure, the use of a raised structure must be approved by the relevant local authority. A raised structure is defined as a platform, stand, staging or other similar structure which provides seating or standing accommodation which is over 600mm or more above ground level.

The Building Standards and Public Safety team will inspect raised structures to check that they have been safely constructed and secured, and has a safe means of egress and access for persons using the structure, including for means of escape in an emergency situation.

The requirements of Section 89 do not apply where a Building Warrant has been granted or, scaffolding or similar equipment is used in connection with building works.

If you require to apply for a Section 89 please see related documents section on this page.

Licensing Inspections

Section 50 - The Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005

If you require to apply for a Section 50 please see related documents section on this page.

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