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Bins, recycling and rubbish

When is my bin emptied?

Find out when your grey bin, brown bin and recycling boxes and sacks are emptied.

  • Brown bins for food and garden waste are emptied weekly.
  • Grey bins for landfill waste are emptied fortnightly.
  • Blue boxes for glass and cans and white sacks for paper and light card are also collected fortnightly, alternating with your grey bin collection.
  • Green bags for plastic bottles and containers are collected on a monthly rotation which will fall on one of your blue box and white sack collection days.

How to find out when your bin is collected

Use the Collection Calendar tool below.

  1. Choose you street from the drop down menu. 
  2. Select the 'search' button. 
  3. Your collection day will be shown along with next couple of collection dates for each waste type.

There is also the option to select the link 'view calendar'.  This will open a calendar which shows all collections.  You may wish to print this calendar as a reminder of when your collections take place.

Alternatively, you can request a calendar by contacting Customer Services:

Customer First (customer services)
Tel: 0141 577 3001
Mon to Fri 8.00am - 6.00pm
Street Search

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