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Planning and Building Standards

Planning and Building Standards

The planning and development function is subdivided into 3 teams: Building Standards, Planning Applications and Local Plan

The planning system is used to plan the future pattern of development and use of land across Scotland.  It is about where development should happen, where it should not and how it interacts with its surroundings.  This requires a balance of both promoting and facilitating development whilst at the same time protecting and enhancing the natural and built environment.

Planning is about encouraging public and developer participation in the future planning of the area and promoting sustainable development.

Further information on each of the functions can be obtained by going to the respective pages.  

Building Standards

Responsible for the administration and enforcement of statutory functions governing building regulations and dangerous buildings, structures, including vacant properties.

Planning (permission) applications

Processes planning applications (and other related applications and appeals) made to the Council and enforces planning controls.

Local plan

The Development Plan Team prepare the Local Plan which sets out the Council's strategy and policies for the future development of the area through the Glasgow and Clyde Valley Strategic Development Plan (2012) and East Renfrewshire Local Plan (2011) and emerging Local Development plan.

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