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Sending your child to primary school

Information on registering your child at primary school and how to register your child during school term.

You will need to arrange to visit the school to register for education. It is not possible to apply for a place online.

Normally, your child will attend your local catchment primary school. The online map will help you find your local primary school.

The education department or schools can provide details of the catchment area they serve.

You may choose to register your son or daughter in either the local denominational or local non-denominational school. The school in which your child starts at P1 will determine the secondary school to which your child will transfer. You must make a placing request if you wish your child to go to a different primary school, or if you later choose to move from one denominational sector to another.

Education Scotland inspection reports for our schools and pre-five establishments are available on the Education Scotland website.

Calderwood Lodge Primary School provides a Jewish education including compulsory Hebrew and Kodesh within an extended school day. The holidays at this school vary slightly from other East Renfrewshire schools to take account of Jewish festivals. All admissions to Calderwood Lodge Primary School must be made by a placing request. Pupils from Calderwood Lodge who live within East Renfrewshire will automatically transfer to Mearns Castle High School. A placing request will be needed to attend a different secondary school.

Parents/Carers of children living outwith East Renfrewshire must make a placing request to attend any East Renfrewshire secondary school.

Registering your child for primary one

Entry to primary one in schools in East Renfrewshire takes place once a year at the start of the new session in August.

Children who reach the age of five years between 1 March of that year and the last day of February of the following year will automatically be admitted to school.

If your child is due to start school in August, he or she should be registered in your local primary school before the end of the preceding January. If you are late in registering your child, it may not be possible to provide a place in your local school. Local advertisements issued in early January each year provide full details on how to register you child.

Parents/Carers may wish to make a request for early entry to school for a child whose fifth birthday falls after the last day in February.

In certain circumstances you may choose to defer your child's entry to primary one if:

• your child becomes five during January or February - you may defer his or her entry until the next year. A nursery place will be available for your child.

• your child becomes five between the start of the new session in August and the end of December you may also choose to defer entry for a year however a nursery place will not automatically be available to you.

If you require more information or have any questions, please contact the education offices for more details.

East Renfrewshire Council Offices - Education Department, 211 Main Street, Barrhead, East Renfrewshire G78 1SY
Telephone 0141 577 3578 or email

In either case you should still register your child in the local school and tell the head teacher that you intend to defer entry. You should be aware that once you apply for your child's entry to be deferred, it will be assumed that you will not require the P1 place. This place may be filled by another child, and if you change your mind, then in some situations it may not be possible to provide a P1 place in your preferred school.

Starting P1 during the school term or at any time for stages P2-P7

Normally children begin their primary schooling in August. This section is about how we deal with requests to start at any other stage or time.

Many of our schools are popular and you should contact your local catchment school as soon as you know that you will want a place. Because of the way in which we manage our school places we would expect that if the previous school were a denominational school, that you will want to enrol your child in a denominational school. We realise that parents/carers sometimes move into East Renfrewshire from areas where a denominational education is not available. We would ask that you discuss with the Head Teacher of your chosen school if you require a denominational education.

The Head Teacher will be able to advise you about enrolment. You may find that the school is already full at the stage you want. In this case you will be asked to contact the education office and we will discuss options for the schooling of your child(ren). We will do our best to meet your requirements and support you with transport to another school in the authority. We cannot provide support with transport to schools outwith East Renfrewshire Council.

We will add your name to a list of families resident in the catchment waiting for a place at the required stage in the school once you confirm in writing that you want to be added to the list, and you have produced the required proof of residence and the child's birth certificate at the school or education office. When a place becomes available at the appropriate stage, it will be offered to the first person on the list, that is the person who applied first. If the offer of a place is refused, then that person will be removed from the waiting list and any supported transport ended. The place will be offered in turn to all on the waiting list on the same basis until the place is accepted. If you think that we are wrong to refuse to enrol your child in one of our schools, you may make an appeal to the council's independent appeals committee using the placing request procedures.

Further information on free school meals, clothing grants, free school transport and the education maintenance allowance can be found on the support for going to school page.

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