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Children and families

Fostering and adoption

East Renfrewshire needs foster carers for children aged 0 to 18 years and adopters for children aged 0 to10 years.

Can you help transform the lives of amazing young people in East Renfrewshire?


Could transform the lives of amazing young people in East Renfrewshire and provide them with love, patience and understanding? Please read our fostering pages.

Foster care is a way of offering children a safe, secure and nurturing place to stay while their family is unable to care for them.

Fostering can be a temporary arrangement and many children in foster care will return to their birth family. If this doesn't happen, then some foster carers can offer longer term care to the child.

Some fostered children are adopted, either by their foster carer or by another family.


Adoption is when a family will offer a child a family home and lifelong care.

Many children in East Renfrewshire and across Scotland will not be able to return to the care of their birth families. We need adopter families to give them the love and security that will help them to develop into successful adults. The children will have difficulties related to their early experiences, but we can support you to help the children to gain in confidence and start to enjoy a safe and happy childhood.

You will find more the information on adoption in the documents linked on this page.

Adoption enquiries

If you would like to talk to a member of the team about adoption or have any questions please call 0141 577 3367.

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