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School meals, trips and clothing

Pay for school meals and trips online

You can load money on to a young person's account via an online payment, meaning the young person doesn't have to carry cash to school to pay for meals or school trips.

All secondary and primary schools in East Renfrewshire operate a cashless catering service. This system offers a facility to allow money to be loaded on to a young person's account by cash or cheque or online payment.

The service also allows parents/carers to pay for their child's school excursions/visits online.

Pay for school meals or trips and excursions

Please note: Please ensure you select the school from the drop down list at the link above before all options will be presented to you.

By paying online parents will no longer have to engage in often precarious practice of sending their youngsters to school with money to pay for excursions/visits or meals.

Education chiefs also hope that, due to ease of use, there will be an increase in the number of pupils taking school meals.

The excursions/visits option is available in all secondary and primary schools with the school meals option being available in all schools which run the cashless catering system.

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