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Changes to Disability Living Allowance for working age

The Government has introduced a new benefit called Personal Independence Payment (PIP) which replaces DLA for people of working age.

From 10 June 2013 the Government introduced a new benefit called Personal Independence Payment (PIP) which replaced Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for eligible working age people aged 16 to 64.

There are no current plans to replace Disability Living Allowance for children under 16 and people aged 65 and over who are already receiving Disability Living Allowance.

When will PIP be introduced?

New claims

From 10 June 2013, new claims for disability living allowance are for personal independence payments (PIP). Children under 16 will continue to claim DLA, and people over 65 can claim Attendance Allowance. To make a new claim, please contact the DWP on the PIP new claims number 0800 917 2222 (textphone 0800 917 7777).  If you are unable to deal with the DWP over the phone, or can't get help to make the initial claim call, you can request that the DWP post a paper PIP claim form to you to capture the basic information necessary.


For any other PIP enquiries,please phone the PIP enquiry line 0845 850 3322 (textphone 0845 601 6677) or

Existing DLA claimants

From October 2013, if you are aged between 16 and 65 and you report a change in your condition, you must apply for PIP instead.

If you receive DLA and will be aged between 16 and 64 on 8 April 2013, you will eventually have to make a claim for PIP instead, even if you have been given an indefinite or lifetime award for DLA.

Who will contact me?

At some point between January 2014 and March 2016 you will be contacted by DWP and invited to claim PIP. When you claim PIP your DLA will continue to be paid until the PIP claim has been decided, but if you do not make a claim for PIP within 28 days your DLA will be suspended.

Further information and support

For more information visit the DWP website or phone PIP enquiry line 0845 850 3322 or claimline on PIP new claims number 0800 917 2222

Contact Citizens Advice Bureau on 0141 881 2032

East Renfrewshire Carer's on 0141 638 4888

East Renfrewshire Council's financial support helpline on 0800 052 1023 or email

No one will automatically transfer from Disability Living Allowance to Personal Independence Payments.  If you receive a written invitation to claim Personal Independence Payments at this time you must make a claim as your Disability Living Allowance will come to an end.

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