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Planning and Building Standards

Planning appeals and reviews

How to challenge a planning application decision.

There are two ways in which a decision on a planning application can be challenged, by seeking either:

  • an appeal
  • a review

The correct route depends on how the application was decided in the first instance. The following document contains a flowchart to illustrate the regulations:

pdf icon Briefing 3 - Decision Making and Appeals [91kb]

Please note that beyond the content of the appeal or review forms, you cannot normally submit new or additional information in support of an appeal or review, so if you have anything that you wish to submit in support of your proposal, you should do so at the very outset when you make your initial planning application.

An objector/third-party who is unhappy with the granting of a consent has no right of appeal. Beyond the appeal or review process, further steps can only be taken in the courts on points of law.


All planning applications which have been decided by the Councillors (such as 'national' development, 'major' developments and 'local' developments which have been reported to the Planning Applications Committee) may be appealed to the Scottish Ministers' Directorate for Planning and Environmental Appeals (DPEA). The applicant has 3 months to lodge an appeal.

If you are considering an appeal you are advised to find out more information from:

You can search for appeals at:

You should lodge your appeal at the ePlanning Scotland website.

The DPEA can be contacted at:

Directorate for Planning and Environmental Appeals
4 The Courtyard ,
Callendar Business Park,
Callendar Road ,
Tel: 01324 696 400
Fax: 01324 696 444


Local developments which have been decided by Officers under the pdf icon Scheme of Delegated Functions [12kb], may be reviewed by the council's Local Review Body (consisting of seven local councillors). The applicant has 3 months to lodge a review.

If you intend to seek a review of a planning decision, you can apply at the ePlanning Scotland website.  The Guidance Notes below give some further information.

Alternatively you may get copies from:

Development Management
2 Spiersbridge Way,
Spiersbridge Business Park,
East Renfrewshire.
G46 8NG
Tel: 0141 577 3001



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