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Planning and Building Standards

Developers: Pre-application consultation with local communities

Guidance on when it is necessary to consult with local communities if submitting a major planning application.

It is a requirement for developers in certain circumstances to undertake consultation with local communities before they submit a planning application to the council. The purpose of this is to encourage communication and more positive relations between developers and local communities, making the development process more open and inclusive.

This requirement applies to 'National' and 'Major' planning applications. Applications can be screened to find out if they fall into one of these categories. If so, the prospective developer needs to submit a Proposal of application notice to the council and Community Councils.

Publicity must be given to the proposal and a public event must be held to allow the public the opportunity to express their views to the applicant. There must be a minimum of 12 weeks between the applicant submitting the proposal of application notice and making the planning application. When the planning application is submitted, the applicant must submit a pre-application consultation report specifying what has been done to comply with the legislation.

Further guidance on these procedures and also the forms to be submitted are available in the following documents:

It is important to note that this pre-application consultation is the responsibility of the applicants (developers). Feedback and community comments should be made directly to the applicants.

The council cannot accept representations or objections to a proposal at this stage.

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