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Online Trading Network

The online trading network allows companies to register their services if they are interested in working with the Council.

What is the Online Trading Network?

The online trading network (OTN) allows companies to register their services on the council's intranet, providing details of contact names and numbers and a brief description of the goods and services offered.

All council officers are directed to the OTN as a general point of enquiry, in accordance with Contract Standing Orders officers should consult the OTN when looking for suitable suppliers to invite to quote for goods, works or services.

Quotations will only be sought where the requirements are not covered by an existing contract or framework and which fall in to the thresholds as detailed below: -

Goods and Services

Above £10,000 and under £50,000.


Above £20,000 and under £150,000.

For requirements below £10,000  that are not covered by an existing contract or framework the procuring department can place a purchase order with an appropriate supplier of their choice.

Why should my business register?

There is a considerable volume of business, which falls into the thresholds as detailed above and this is often an area which is of particular interest to SME / local companies who perhaps do not have the resources to bid for larger contracts. 

Increasingly, concerns are expressed by the business community that there is a lack of information surrounding such opportunities - who to contact within the Council, how to bring a company's capabilities to the attention of Council officers? The Online Trading Network will be the answer to some of these problems by offering an easy to use resource collecting your company information which is then transferred to an internal "yellow pages" which can be used by officers to search for suppliers.

What about contracts over £50,000?

All requirements for in excess of £50,000 (Goods & Services) and £150,000 (Works) will continue to be subject to formal tendering procedures governed by the Council's Contract Standing Orders.

How do I register for the Online Trading Network?

To register your business for the Online Trading Network please use the supplier sign up form to update the council's Online Trading Network and the information provided will be made available to all Council Departments.

Supplier sign up form

There is no level of business guaranteed by registering but does allow for your companies details to be placed on an internal database within the Council which will be used in conjunction with Quick Quote..

Quick quote facility

Quick Quote is an on-line request for quotations for low value/ low risk procurement exercises and is facilitated via the PCS website.  As long as you have registered your business with Public Contracts Scotland then you are eligible to be invited to quote. Quick Quotes are not advertised openly, you have to be invited to quote by a Council Officer.

Fairer competition and better value

It is hoped that this Online Trading Network will provide an acceptable response to the concerns expressed by companies and make the process of bidding for Council business fairer and more transparent.

Corporate Procurement Section
East Renfrewshire Council HQ,
Eastwood Park,
East Renfrewshire.
G46 6UG
Tel: 0141 577 8591

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