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Report an abandoned vehicle

Find out how to report an abandoned vehicle.

Before you consider if a vehicle is abandoned, please check a vehicle's tax and MOT information.

Find out vehicle tax and MOT information

If the vehicle has a valid Tax, statutory off road notification (SORN) or MOT it won't be considered abandoned (regardless of its condition) and can't be investigated.

If a vehicle is untaxed or SORN and used or kept on the road, you can report it to the DVLA.

Report a vehicle to the DVLA

We won't investigate an untaxed vehicle if it has a valid MOT or uplift a vehicle (even if it causes an obstruction) unless we've made official enquiries to trace the owner first.

Our enquiries can take time and we need to know and demonstrate to the DVLA that there's no ownership of the vehicle and that it's been abandoned by the owner.

Some vehicles can have significant value and can't be classed as abandoned because it's in a poor condition, untaxed or without MOT. However, this information may help us to prove that the vehicle has been abandoned.

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