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Council performance, statistics and spending

Adult and social care performance information

This page is where you can find performance information on adult and social care in East Renfrewshire.

Service Overview

While the council area as a whole demonstrates good health, disparities exist between areas within East Renfrewshire and we are working to address the health inequalities that exist. We are committed to working with partner organisations to reduce these inequalities and ensure that levels of health are improved for all.

Across our Adult Services we have a range of programmes in place to transform our approach and re-design services. This includes a major change programme to reshape care at home, and we expect reductions in intensive support at home as re-ablement is further rolled-out. This targeting of resources to meet increasing demand at a time of pressure and budget constraints is proving challenging however our Talking Points - Personal Outcomes measures record positive outcomes from our service users.

The performance information below is a summary of some of the indicators we use to see how well we are doing throughout the year.

How the public can get involved?

  • A number of mechanisms are in place to support the public to shape adult and social care services such as our Public Partnership Forum, Older People's Reference Group, user groups, national and local surveys, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde's Patient Feedback Webpage.
  • We have identified areas of good practice particularly in our work on Reshaping Care for Older People and Public Social Partnership. One of the successful models we wish to build on is 'Let's Take Time to Talk' which brings together local stakeholders to discuss a particular theme in a workshop setting.
This table sets out how well the Council and partners have been in ensuring that residents are more engaged. Adult and social care performance

Performance indicator

Previous performance


Latest performance


How well are we doing?

Percentage of people 65+ with intensive needs (plus 10 hours) receiving care at home23.2%N/AData not available for end-year
SDS (Direct payments) spend on adults 18+ as a % of total social work spend on adults 18+.6.6%N/A

Data not available for end-year

Percentage of adult health and social care users rating service as good or very good 77%79%Annual improvement

To find out more about how East Renfrewshire is performing in comparison to other Scottish councils visit our benchmarking page.

What are we doing to improve performance?

The HSCP is developing its 'Fit for the Future' improvement programme and is undertaking end-to-end service reviews where digital opportunities will be included. There are a number of redesigns happening concurrently at the moment and the programme brings them all together, allowing greater transparency and making it easier to track progress. A programme board oversees the different workstreams and staffs have been involved from the outset.

More detailed information on what we are working to achieve can be found in the following document:

Other internet pages that might be useful are;

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