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Anti Social Investigations Team

Anti social behaviour is not acceptable in East Renfrewshire, our dedicated team are here to help.

Anti social behaviour can generate fear and distress for residents across the East Renfrewshire area. It often involves disturbance and noise, and in some cases verbal or physical abuse. When people feel threatened by this type of behaviour, it can restrict their freedom of movement and diminish their quality of life.

How can we help?

The team is experienced in dealing with serious cases of anti social behaviour and in the course of their investigations they will interview and take statements from all the parties involved. 

Before considering legal action the team may try other preventative measures such as Acceptable Behaviour Contracts. An Acceptable Behaviour Contract is a voluntary agreement entered into with East Renfrewshire Council and Police Scotland where the person involved agrees to stop their anti social behaviour.

If these preventative measures are unsuccessful we may consider pursuing an Anti Social Behaviour Order (ASBO).

An ASBO is a civil order granted by a sheriff which prohibits the individual from continuing the anti social behaviour. If the behaviour continues, it is a breach of the order which is a criminal offence that should be reported to the Police.

The action that the investigation team takes depends, not only on the quality of evidence available, but also on the willingness of those affected to attend court and provide evidence to the sheriff.

To speak to a member of the Anti Social Investigation Team, please contact East Renfrewshire's Ring and Report helpline on: 0800 013 0076 (free to call).

The Health and Social Care Partnership provides the council's ‚ÄčCriminal Justice Social Work Services.

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