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Adults and older people

Adults and older people

Information relating to adults and older people's health and care.

older people

In this section of the website we aim to offer information on some of the most common problems which are likely to emerge including, needing help, looking after yourselfliving safely at home, getting out and about and information about your options if you are unable to live at home by yourself.  If you want to arrange your own support the HSCP works with a number of suppliers to provide care & support for those who need it. 

If you feel you need more support or advice you can use the online form or contact 0141 577 3001.  Through a social care assessment we can work with you to explore how we can best help.

The subpages offer a wide range of information and advice about Health and Care, they also provide contact details and links to local services.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, you can use the contact form at: Contact HSCP.

Specific health and social care services in East Renfrewshire. This includes looking after yourself and living safely at home, getting out and about and your choices if you cannot stay at home.

Recovery from illness, health conditions and services, dementia, emotional support, staying healthy and well, and mental health.

Links to pages that will help support you or a member of your family with a disability.

Adult support and protection, Violence Against Women and protecting yourself at home.

Apply for a Telecare Service (Community Alarm) or enquire about Technology Enabled Care - Telecare, Telehealth and Digital Opportunities to support your health and wellbeing

Support for the Armed Forces Community.

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