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Criminal Justice Social Work Services

Supervision after prison

The Throughcare and criminal justice social worker supervision provided to individuals released on Licence.

Criminal Justice Social Work Services
Tel: 0141 451 0722/0720

What is Throughcare?

When someone is sentenced to custody, the length or type of sentence may mean that the individual will be released on a licence. The individual will be supervised by a criminal justice social worker to ensure that the offender keeps to the conditions of the licence and is assisted to resettle into the local community. Types of Throughcare licence are:

  • Parole Licence 
    If a prisoner serving a long sentence has completed at least four years in prison, they may be considered for release on Parole Licence. This applies to offenders sentenced after 1 October 1993. Release on parole licence requires the recommendation of the Parole Board.
  • Non-Parole Licence 
    An individual may be released on Non-Parole Licence if they have served two thirds of their sentence in custody. The sentence must be at least four years long.
  • Life Licence 
    A mandatory life prisoner (such as someone convicted of murder) may be released on the recommendation of the Parole Board and after consultation with the judiciary. If the Parole board is satisfied that it is no longer necessary for the protection of the public that the prisoner should remain in custody, consideration for release on life licence can be given.
  • Extended Sentence 
    For offenders who are sentenced to over four years in prison, a condition of release could include supervision as part of an extended sentence. A criminal justice social worker will supervise the offender during the community portion of the extended sentence.
  • Section 15 supervision 
    Some sex offenders sentenced to custody for between six months and four years will be released and supervised for six months on a section 15 order.
  • Supervised Release Order 
    When a sentence of at least one year and less than four years in prison is imposed by a court, a Supervised Release Order (SRO) may be made. The offender must therefore be supervised by a criminal justice social worker upon release. SROs must not exceed 12 months.

Supervision after prison

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