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Map of services

Mapping Solution - Help Guide

Information on how to use our mapping facility

We have put together a help guide to assist you in using our mapping solution.

You can use our map to show services and attractions based on your postcode. In addition, you can view ward information, community council and polling station boundaries.

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How do I find services near to my house?

In this example we will find banks that are located near our postcode

Step 1

Enter your postcode in the field below the map and select the button titled Postcode.

Mapping Help Guide - Step 1

Step 2

The system will confirm your location has been found and will prompt you to select OK

.Mapping Help Guide - Step 2

Step 3

 Your location will be identified with the pushpin on the map.

Mapping Help Guide - Step 3

Step 4

You have the opportunity to select points of interest from the menu on the right hand side of the screen - select 'Banks'. Once your choice has been selected a tick will appear in the box next to your choice.

Mapping Help Guide - Step 4

Step 5

On the map a pushpin will appear which illustrates the location of each bank. You will notice that a number 1 is displayed on the pushpin - this corresponds to the number order on the points of interest list.

Mapping Help Guide - Step 5b

Mapping Help Guide - Step 5a

Step 6

You can select the pushpin to see further information.

Mapping Help Guide - Step 6

Services Step 7

A full list of your points of interest are displayed below the map, you can select the hyperlink to jump straight to a specific point. You can select more than one category; the list below the map will expand as you increase your selection.

Mapping Help Guide - Step 7

How do I view council wards?

In this example we will view Council Ward 1

Step 1

Select the 'plus' symbol to expand the box to show Council Wards.

Mapping Help Ward - Step 1

Step 2

Select the checkbox 'Ward 1'.

Mapping Help Ward - Step 2

Step 3

Unlike the 'Points of interest', there are no significant changes on the map. However, you'll notice the green colour change on the map.

Mapping Help Ward - Step 3

Step 4

To view the ward map in more detail you need to zoom. Select the zoom button (plus sign) at the top of the map. When you zoom you will notice the green area which denotes the ward area become more visible as shown on the second image below.

Mapping Help Ward - Step 4

Mapping Help Ward - Step 4b

Go through the same process to view Community Council and Polling Station Boundaries.

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