Health and Social Care Strategy for Older People

The HSCP is supporting residents to take part in this important Scot Gov consultation

The HSCP is supporting residents, local groups and organisations to respond to the Scottish Government consultation which aims to seek views on a health and social care strategy for older people.

East Renfrewshire has one of Scotland's largest ageing populations, so this consultation, and in turn the strategy, will be of particular importance to those who live and work here.

While you can respond directly, the HSCP is also collating views so we can respond collectively but also can take note of responses for our own local activity and services that support older people.

The consultation is in four parts and the HSCP has a survey live for each section so you can respond to all areas, or just those that matter the most to you:

1.    Place and Wellbeing - Have your say on how you think were we are born, live, work and age makes a difference to our overall health.  

2.    Preventative and Proactive Care. - Preventative means trying to stop something before it happens. Proactive means preparing for something happening in the future.

3.    Planned Care - Planned care is care and treatment that is arranged in advance with health and care staff.

4.    Unscheduled Care - Unscheduled care is care and treatment which cannot be planned in advance like emergency GP appointments, A&E or out of hours services.

Alternatively, if you are a local group who would like to discuss and respond collectively, The East Renfrewshire Participation and Engagement Network can help. A representative from the network can attend your meeting and go through the parts of the consultation you are interested in, and write up a response and send on to the Scottish Government.

If you would like more information about support to respond either individually or as a group please email:


The consultation is open until 17 June.

Last modified on 14 April 2022