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An overview of religion across East Renfrewshire.

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Just under three-quarters (73 per cent) of the East Renfrewshire population reported having a religion. Six out of ten people said that their religion was Christian (60 per cent): 33 per cent Church of Scotland, 22 per cent Roman Catholic and 4 per cent Other Christian.

After Christianity, Islam was the most common faith, with 3.3 per cent in East Renfrewshire stating their religion as Muslim. This is followed by Jewish (2.6 per cent), which represents 41 per cent of the total Scotland Jewish population; Sikh (0.6 per cent); Hindu (0.4 per cent); Buddhist (0.2 per cent) and "Other religion" (0.2 per cent) making up the rest of the East Renfrewshire population.

religion table
2011Scotland% of ScotlandEast Renfrewshire% of East Renfrewshire
All people5,295,403 90,574 
Church of Scotland1,717,87132.4%30,27933.4%
Roman Catholic841,05315.9%20,13522.2%
Other Christian291,2755.5%3,7244.1%
Other religion15,1960.3%1710.2%
No religion1,941,11836.7%24,04126.5%
Not stated368,0397%5,7376.3%

The percentage of people stating they have 'no religion' has increased by 5.5% to 26.5% from 2001 to 2011.

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