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Planning and Building Standards

What should I do before I make a planning application?

Not all development needs planning permission. For instance if you are extending your house then up to certain limits and in certain locations it might be classed as 'permitted development' and you may build without planning permission from the council. In addition to planning permission there may be the need for other council consents such as Listed Building consent, Conservation Area consent and a Building Warrant. These may be needed even when  planning permission is not required. The rules are quite complex so it is not possible to give an easy summary of them here.

The rules and permitted development levels are also much stricter in certain areas, including within conservation areas and if concerning a listed building.

Full guidance can be found at:

Pre-application advice and guidance

We are happy to give free pre-application advice to you if you are planning any development in East Renfrewshire.  To give you the best advice possible, we strongly recommend that you send draft or sketch plans of your proposal to us, thus giving us the opportunity to consider your proposal and provide you with informed feedback. You can come to our planning office (address below) during office hours without an appointment, and a member of staff will be available to see and assist you, however this may be a support officer or technician, and without seeing the proposal beforehand, the advice able to be given to you will be limited.  Please see our fuller guidance below on Pre-application advice and negotiation procedures on planning applications for more information.

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Processing Agreements: agreeing what you need to provide before applying

The council encourages applicants for all major developments to enter into a Processing Agreement with the council. This is an agreement which sets out the information that will need to accompany the planning application, along with the consultations that will be undertaken and the timescales for its processing. It does not consider or give commitment to any particular decision on the outcome of the application. Our guidance and procedure is available in the document:

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