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Planning and Building Standards

How do I apply for planning permission and what do I need to provide?

The easiest way to apply for planning permission is on the website. From there you can complete the whole process online. The first time that you use the new site you will need to register. The site features:-

  • Simple to use, consistent forms
  • Submission of planning applications, additional documents, appeals & reviews
  • Swift delivery of applications to the Council
  • Time and cost savings every time you apply
  • New location plan purchasing service

Alternatively, you can download paper forms, complete them and send them in to us.

We also have a few additional forms on our planning documentation and forms webpage which are not available on the ePlanning Scotland site.

Where you need permission you will need to:

  • Complete the application forms
  • Pay the relevant fee
  • Submit plans and drawings
  • Notify the owner of the property if you don't own it yourself

When you submit your planning application, you should also submit all documents and information that you want to be taken into account in the decision. You may not have a further chance to submit supporting information later. In particular you cannot normally at a later date submit additional information in support of an appeal or review, so if you have anything that you wish to say or submit in support of your proposal, you should do so at the outset when you make your planning application.

Depending on the type and size of development that you are proposing, the Council may need additional supporting information. For example, if you are proposing a development that will have a significant impact on the surrounding roads, you may need to submit a Transport Assessment; or if your development will be in an area which may be at risk of flooding, you may need to submit a Flood Risk Assessment. If you are proposing a significant development we advise that you engage in pre-application discussions with us before you make your planning application, in which case we will advise what additional supporting information you will need to provide. We are aware that the preparation of additional information can be time consuming and costly for applicants, so we shall only require these where they are absolutely necessary in order for us to assess the proposal.

The guidance notes and check list explain what you need to do and where to post your completed application.

Information requirements

Depending on the type and size of planning application that is being submitted, additional supporting information may be needed by the Council in order to assess the proposal. The Council will only ask for what is absolutely necessary for it to assess the proposal, as it appreciates that there will be time and costs involved for applicants in doing so. To assist, we have set out in the Supporting Information Requirements document an outline of the types of documents which may be required and the circumstances in which they will be needed.  We are also happy to speak to potential applicants at the pre-application stage about these requirements, to ensure that the information provided is proportionate and clearly scoped to avoid unnecessary costs to the applicant and the Council.

Please note that you cannot normally submit new or additional information in support of an appeal or review, so if you have anything that you wish to submit in support of your proposal, you should do so at the very outset when you make your initial planning application.

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