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Catchment areas and placing requests

Deciding whether to appeal

In the case of an Early Entry request there is no opportunity for appeal.

Before you decide to appeal you should consider these points:

  • Would it be more advantageous to apply for another school at this time rather than appeal?
  • Do you agree with what the Council have said?
  • Do you think what they have said is allowable?
  • Have the Council's guidelines been followed?

More information on appeals and alternatives may be obtained from the education department.

Your appeal should be sent to the education department. You will know the reasons why your placing request was refused and you will be given the opportunity to explain why the authority was wrong to refuse your request in person or through a representative, whichever you prefer.

If the appeal committee refuses your request, you have the right of further appeal to the Sheriff in which case you will require to contact a Solicitor.

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