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Community Councils

Role of a community council member

Understanding the role you will play as a community council member.

Community councils are in place to represent the views of their communities and it is community councils which provide that link between the community and a range of public agencies.

As a community council member you can help ensure that the community council is acting in the best interests of the community by speaking to local people - neighbours, parents at schools, even businesses - and finding out if there are any issues that they think need to be addressed locally. You can find more information on this in: Listening and responding to your community.

Together with your fellow community council members you can use this information to decide on the key activities that the community council will get involved in.

Ordinary community council members can play a helpful role in supporting the office bearers nominated to run the community council.  It is important that you read the section on the role of office bearers so that you know what to expect from them as they carry out their roles and to help you see where you can support them.

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