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Trading Standards

About trading standards

An overview of what we do and our commitment to the residents and businesses of East Renfrewshire.

Trading Practices

  • Investigate unfair trading practices
  • Take action against car clocking fraud
  • Take action against undisclosed traders
  • Take action against false trade descriptions
  • Monitor advertisements
  • Take action against misleading price displays
  • Provide advice to businesses and give talks to traders and consumer groups
  • Inform consumers and traders of scam activity
  • Maintain links with neighbouring authorities to safeguard interests of traders and consumers

Doorstep Callers - Top Tips

  • Always say NO to doorstep callers.
  • Ask friends and family for recommendations.
  • Get 2 or 3 quotes and keep receipts.
  • Don't pay up front. Pay in stages or on completion.
  • Check if guarantees are insurance backed.
  • 14 day cancellation right in writing is mandatory.
  • Don't pay if you are unsatisfied, Trading Standards may be able to put you in touch with an independent expert to examine the job.
  • Look for an approved trade association member.
  • Care and Repair Renfrewshire/East Renfrewshire carry out some minor repairs free of charge for over 60's.

If you suspect a fraudulent workmen are operating in the area note the details and contact Trading Standards and the Police on Ring and Report.

Age concern may offer some advice and assistance.

Quantity and Quality

  • Ensure the accuracy of all trade weights and measures
  • Investigate complaints of short weights or measures
  • Ensure that the quantity in factory-packaged goods is controlled
  • Carry out test purchase programmes
  • Provide calibration services for trade and industry
  • Carry out projects to monitor quantity of goods sold, such as petrol, coal and so on
  • Monitor animal foodstuffs and fertilisers for compliance with legislation
  • Monitor animal welfare, such as animal movement licensing

Consumer Safety

  • Take action to prevent the sale of unsafe goods
  • Ensure safe storage and supply of petroleum products
  • Enforce safe storage and sale of fireworks
  • Enforce legislation relating to underage sales
  • Ensure appropriate safety warnings are carried on chemical products
  • Sample and test consumer products such as toys, electrical goods, pushchairs, fireworks and so on

Consumer Advice

  • Advise consumers of their rights
  • Investigate consumer complaints
  • Advise businesses of their obligations in consumer contracts
  • Conciliate and arbitrate in disputes between consumers and traders
  • If complaints are not within remit of Trading Standards, endeavour to find the appropriate body to deal with them
  • Maintain links with neighbouring authorities to enable complaints to be resolved across council boundaries

Our Commitment

  • We will ensure all farms comply with the provisions of the Animal Health Act
  • Inspections of trade premises will be planned according to their risk categorisation, with high risk premises being visited more frequently
  • We will ensure that all e-commerce traders in East Renfrewshire comply with all legislation relevant to the Internet

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