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Community Information

Stray dogs

Community Wardens are responsible for the uplift of stray dogs from the street or from members of the public who may have found a dog. With the view of reuniting a dog with its owner the Community Warden will scan the dog for a microchip. Where no microchip is found then the Community Wardens will make local enquiries to try and trace the dog's owner. Only as a last resort will the Community Wardens transport the dog to Cardonald cat and dog home.

To report a lost or stray dog in your area, please contact East Renfrewshire's confidential Ring and Report helpline on 0141 577 8373.

Stray dogs and dogs not accompanied by a responsible person are uplifted by the Council's Dog Warden and taken to the SPCA Kennels, Bothwell Bridge, Hamilton, phone number 01698 281128, where they are kept for up to seven days. If your dog is taken here you will be liable for the costs incurred by the Council and the Kennels.

Response time - 1 working day.

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