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What conditions can be included in a Licence?

Licences often have a number of 'standard' conditions. These usually include the requirement that the offender will:

  • Commit no further offences
  • Live at the address approved by the Parole Board before your release
  • Seek your Supervising Officer's approval if you wish to change your home address or job
  • Comply with the directions of your supervising officer; this means keeping your appointments, completing any work you are asked to do before appointments
  • Actively seek employment/training
  • Be of good behaviour and keep the peace

Additional conditions, depending on the offender and their offence, may include:

  • Attendance at drug, alcohol or mental health support services
  • Stay away from certain areas such as streets where victims or families of victims of offending may live
  • Avoid associating with other offenders
  • No unsupervised access to the internet.

The conditions of each licence are agreed by the Parole Board before a prisoner's release to ensure that each individual is aware of the conditions they must abide by before they return to the community.

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