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What will I have to do during Throughcare supervision?

Offenders who are supervised in the community after their release from prison must attend regular meetings to address offending behaviour. The licence lists the conditions that must be kept. If an individual does not keep to these conditions, or if the supervising officer has concerns that the offender may be at higher risk of offending, the Parole Board will be notified.

Failing to comply with the conditions of release may mean that the offender will be dealt with in a number of ways. Depending on the individual circumstances, this may include:

  • A formal warning from the Parole Board
  • Regular reports to the Parole Board to closely monitor behaviour
  • Recall to custody, where the offender goes back to prison - this may mean that the full sentence will     be served in custody rather than early release in to the community

In the event of further offending, the individual may be sentenced to a further, separate, period in custody

If an offender makes good progress on licence and keeps supervision appointments, finds suitable accommodation, gets employment etc., it may be possible to reduce the frequency of contact with the social worker. However, if behaviour deteriorates or risk of re-offending increases, the frequency of supervision appointments will also increase.

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