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Catchment areas and placing requests

School Placing Request

Placing request applications for session 2019/20 (commencing Aug 2019) must be submitted between 1 December 2018 and 31 January 2019. We will aim to notify you of the decision by 30 April 2019. Applications submitted before 1 December 2018 will not be accepted. Applications received after 31 January 2019 will be treated as late. If you are applying for more than one child please complete a separate form for each child.

For each child, you may only apply for one school at any one time.

If you submit more than one placing request application, the Education Department will only consider your first application.

A child's parent/carer is responsible for submitting a placing request to remain for a child in the event that they no longer reside within the delineated catchment area of the school and wish for the child to continue to attend the school.

If applying for a placing request/request to remain in the current session we will aim to notify you of the decision within 8 weeks of the application being submitted.

  1. Declaration
    1. I confirm that I have made myself fully aware of ERC's Placing Request Guidance Information before submitting this application form.

      The information I have given is full and correct in every respect to the best of my knowledge.

      I acknowledge that if the information that I have submitted is found to be fraudulent my placing request application will be rescinded and the Council may pass the matter to the Procurator Fiscal's Office.

      I acknowledge that the form will be returned to me if I have not completed the application in full.

      I understand that East Renfrewshire will not provide transport for pupils attending schools as a result of successful placing requests.
    2. If your child currently attends a school within East Renfrewshire Council and a placing request is made and granted, the place in your child’s current school will be automatically given up and made available for allocation to another child. If you change your mind before you receive a decision please notify us as soon as possible to withdraw your placing request application.
    3. In the best interest of your child, East Renfrewshire Council’s Education Department will determine whether or not the school which your placing request relates to can accommodate your child’s educational needs. East Renfrewshire Council’s Education Department will contact the Education Department of the local authority where your child is currently being educated and/or the local authority in which you reside in order to gather relevant information regarding your child’s educational needs. East Renfrewshire Council’s Education Department will only contact other local authorities where genuine concerns regarding a school’s ability to meet your child’s educational needs exist. The Education Department will advise an applicant of its intention to contact another local authority for further information.
    4. The information you supply on this form will be used by East Renfrewshire Council to process your application for a school place within an East Renfrewshire educational establishment. We will use your information to verify your identity where required, contact you by post, email or telephone and to maintain our records. The council will use this information because we need to do so to perform a task carried out in the public interest. If you do not provide us with the information we have asked for then we will not be able to provide this service to you. You can find out more about how we handle this information and your rights in respect of it by going to If you do not have access to a computer and wish a paper copy, please contact the Education Department.

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