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Adults and older people

Voyage Care

We primarily support adults with learning disabilities, autism, mental health conditions and physical/sensory impairments

Voyage Care

Details of the individual or group of people that you provide services to

Voyage provides housing support and care at home services to adults with a range of abilities and conditions including learning disability, autism, mental health conditions and physical disabilities.

Description of your service

Voyage operates a range of services in Scotland that place people we support at the

very heart of their care. We provide personalised, pathways-based care in supporting living, residential (inc. nursing) and home care settings to a wide range of people of various ages and requirements.

We primarily support adults with learning disabilities, autism, mental health conditions and physical/sensory impairments to live happy and fulfilling lives in their own homes and residential settings.

Voyage recognises the growing preference to enable people to live independently for as long possible in their own homes. We also acknowledge and place great emphasis on providing natural 'step-down' pathways from more intensive services to community based settings, with the possibility of support hours reducing over time. As part of this commitment, Voyage operates successful supported living services in Dumfries, as well as homecare in West Lothian, that emphasises choice and control, as well as a gradual progression towards increased independence.

We also support older adults with complex needs in Abbey Gardens, a purpose built single storey 32 bedroom care home in Dumfries, that has garnered an excellent reputation for providing high-quality support by a vastly experienced staff team.

We strongly encourage adults to increase their levels of independence, develop skills and experience social/community inclusion, through our person-centred approaches to support.

Availability of your service

24/7, with an 'on-call' service for outside of normal office hours (typically 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday).

Hourly rate

£16.96 per hour

Most recent Care Inspectorate grades

Housing Support Service

Quality of care and support 4 Good

Quality of staffing 3 Adequate

Quality of management and leadership 3 Adequate

Support Service

Inspection completed on: 30 January 2009

Quality of Care and Support - 4 - Good

Quality of Staffing - 5 - Very Good

Quality of Management and Leadership - 4 - Good


For further information about grading please see the Care Inspectorate website.


Voyage Care

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