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How can our own contractors charge less than the council?

How can our own contractors charge less than the council?

The council by law has to follow strict procurement procedures when purchasing goods, works, materials and services. Scotland Excel is an organisation funded by Scotland's 32 Local Authorities. They purchase trade materials for all of the local authorities in one go making it better value for money particularly for East Renfrewshire Council which is a relatively small local authority.

If the council's Housing Service need to carry out work which costs between £10,000 and £50,000 that cannot be carried out by the Housing Maintenance Team, the Technical Officers need to seek competitive quotes from Public Contracts Scotland which is gateway for public organisations in Scotland including local authorities, the NHS and the Scottish Government to find suppliers of goods, works and services that ensure good value for money and high quality products.

The security of using Public Contracts Scotland means that the companies East Renfrewshire Council uses need to provide important information including liability insurances and health and safety policies. This is essential for the council to spend public money.

When a homeowner wishes to seek their own contractor, they do not have to go through the same process as the council and can chose to approach any contractor they wish. It is their own responsibility to ensure that any contractor they use has the essential policies and procedures in place for insurance and health and safety. In some cases, contractors that are appointed by homeowners directly may not have to adhere to the same conditions that the council's require from contractors.

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