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Prevention: confident consumers and avoiding scams

Bogus council tax email busted

Bogus council tax email busted


A warning has been issued by East Renfrewshire Council's Trading Standards about a scam which claims to give people refunds on their council tax.

A number of residents have reported receiving this email and local people are being urged to be aware of this scam, and not to give out any banking details by email or over the phone.

The email, claiming to be from a 'Miss Rourke' from Unity Partnership, claims that the receiver is due a council tax refund and by clicking on a link and confirming your details, the money will be credited to your bank account.

Trading Standards Manager , Steve Fox said: "NEVER  answer e-mails like this offering a refund  its  guaranteed to be a scam.  Details asked for  to get the 'refund' will be bank account--- allegedly so that they can pay the 'refund'  in, name & address, and age. They should already have your e-mail address because they sent you an e-mail but often ask for it again.  

Bank account + name & address+ age + email will be added to your 'scam profile' and sold to other scammers Or even worse they could be used  for possible identity theft

If you get a number of these e-mail to be safe you may wish to consider changing your e-mail address"

Research has found that eight per cent of people will fall victim to at least one scam in their lifetime. In extreme cases, people can lose hundreds of thousands of pounds to scams. This costs the UK economy £3.5bn each year.

A local resident who was targeted by the email said: "I was wary when I received this email and picked up the phone to Trading Standards for advice before doing anything. I was called back within the hour and advised that this was a scam and to delete straight away. It's a shame because a lot of people will fall for this."

East Renfrewshire Council pays extra attention to prevent our vulnerable residents from scams however, the truth is that anyone can be a victim of a con-trick. Many scams today are very sophisticated, and there is no shame in falling for them.

If you would like to report a possible scam or find out more information on trading standards issues, call the team on 0141 577 3782.

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