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Environmental Health

Environmental health fees

Find out environmental health fees for 2019 to 2020.


2019/20 fees (£)

Animal Health Licensing

Venison Dealers (Deer) Scotland Act 1996


Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976

197.50 + vet fees

Zoo Licensing Act 1981

395.00 + vet fees

Pet Animals Act 1951

73.00 + vet fees if required

Animal Boarding Establishments Act 1963

82.50 + vet fees if required

Riding Establishments Act 1964/76

210.00 + vet fees

Breeding of Dogs Act 1973

92.50 + vet fees if required

Animal Home Boarding Licence

Performing Animals


131.50 + vet fees if required

Abandoned Vehicles

Removal, Storing & Disposal of Vehicles (Prescribed Sums & Charges etc) Amendment (Scotland) Regulations 2005


(Statutory Charge)

Cars & vans - uplift and disposal 150.00 + vat (176.25) where owner can be traced Statutory Charge

Caravans - uplift and disposal 165.00 where owner can be traced

Letter of Comfort

Immigration Control


40.00 where copy certificated required within 1 year of inspection being carried out

Food Condemnation Certificates


Samples Collected and Analysed for Bacteriological Monitoring (Excluding Type A and B Private Water Supplies for Monitoring and Requests for bacteriological testing).

85.75 per sample

Private Water Supply (PWS) Samples Collected and Analysed (Including Type A & B Supplies for bacteriological and Routine Chemical Quality Monitoring)

(Statutory Charge)

Carrying out a PWS Risk assessment   

Type A - 180.00

Type B - 122.00

Additional chemical parameters analytical costs + 10%.


Contaminated Land Enquiry

63.00/hour + Analytical Costs +10%

Arranging Housing and Public Health Enforcement Works and Associated Admin

Costs incurred + 10% administration charge. Admin charge per invoice:

Minimum 40.00

Maximum  1880.00

Section 50 Licensing Fee


Certificate of compliance to operate as a street trader




1 Year Renewal 12.50

2 Year Renewal 25.00

3 Year Renewal 37.50


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