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Children and families

Young people's fostering stories

Read stories from the young people who need fostered. Find out the difference you can make to their lives.

Female older foster child

What it's like being fostered as a young adult

A young adult shares his positive experience of supported care and the difference you could make to a young person like him

Fostering experiences

I spent over ten years in foster care and had a really positive experience thanks to my carers and the council.  I have become a confident, positive person thanks to the help my foster carers gave me. My carers have made me the person I am. I would encourage anyone who has thought of becoming a carer to have a closer look into it as you could help someone like me change from from a scared, lonely and sad young boy into a thriving, confident man.

Both families I have stayed with have been great to me.  I've learned so much from them both and will keep in touch with everyone.  I feel like part of the family, everyone has been so nice to me and I have made friends and family for life.

I've got a future now, I'm supported.

I'd have been on the same tracks, learning nothing if I hadn't have come here.

What foster carers should be like

You need to spend time with me, be patient and give me time to settle in, let me know you are there for me.

Foster carers should be caring, nice, polite and just be themselves.

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