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Adults and older people

Online Self Referral to Bridges Team

Bridges PCMHT is a psychological service which offers a range of 1:1 and group therapy options to help with issues like stress/anxiety/  depression/low mood/.You will have an opportunity to speak with someone about the options and what you hope to achieve

When we receive your referral  it will discussed at our allocations meeting, and you will be notified of the outcome of that.

If suitable for the service, you will be placed on a waiting list to have a telephone screening with a practitioner; following which you will be placed on the most appropriate treatment waiting list for your needs.

It will therefore be several weeks before treatment begins after your referral is received.


This is not a crisis service: The main help line and crisis service numbers are on our main website page (link to main page)

You can find out how we use your information in our privacy statement on our website.
  1. Online Self Referral to Bridges Team
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    5. Please provide details of any other services you are involved in:
      1. Please provide details of any other services you are involved in:
    6. Confidentiality
      When using our service your information is kept on our secure database. This information can only be seen by our staff and is not shared with anyone else. This will be discussed more fully with you when your referral is accepted.
      *Please note if you are currently open to another service, we may not be able to see you at this stage

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