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New parking measures at Newton Mearns schools

In response to inconsiderate and dangerous parking

Parking NM

New parking measures have been introduced around schools in Newton Mearns, following inconsiderate and dangerous parking at school gates. 

Five primary schools - Crookfur, St Cadoc's, Calderwood Lodge, St Clare's and Mearns Primary - all have new rules in place and there are also new measures at Eastwood High and Mearns Castle High.

Councillor Colm Merrick, Convenor for Community Services and Community Safety, said: "While most drivers show care and courtesy, these new measures have been introduced due to several incidents of dangerous parking around our schools.  We hope that making these changes will make it safer around our schools.

"Parking restrictions at our schools are there for a reason and there is no excuse for any person to park on double yellow lines or zig zag lines - with suitable parking available to keep our pupils and other road users safe. 

"The changes aim to improve safety for some of our most vulnerable road users, improve access and the flow of traffic on some particularly busy sections around schools, including bus routes and residential streets.

"Our Community Safety Officers will be monitoring around the schools to ensure these new road traffic orders are being obeyed, and I would encourage all those dropping off and picking up around our schools, to be courteous and park in safe and legal spaces."

The newly introduced measures are:

  • Crookfur Primary - New yellow lines on Capelrig Road
  • St Cadoc's Primary - New yellow lines and amendments to existing limited waiting times on Crookfur Drive
  • Faith Schools' Joint Campus (Calderwood Lodge and St Clare's) -  New yellow lines on Waterfoot Road
  • Mearns Primary - New yellow lines on Hunter Drive
  • Eastwood High - New yellow lines on Capelrig Road
  • Mearns Castle High - New yellow lines on Waterfoot Road and Broom Road East

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