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Council performance, statistics and spending

Audit Scotland and Accounts Commission

Statutory bodies who assist local authorities in making the most efficient and effective use of finances and resources. They are responsible for conducting the council's audit of best value and community planning and for monitoring the data within the annual Statutory Performance Indicators return.

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Their role is to examine how we as a council manage our finances, our resources, promote Best Value and based on this publish annual information about our performance alongside other public sector organisations. They can and will make recommendations to us to ensure that we and other public sector bodies in Scotland are held to account for the proper, efficient and effective use of public funds.

Audit of Best Value

Councils' delivery of best value objectives in Scotland are checked via a national audit process. The Audit of Best Value began in 2004.  East Renfrewshire Council's first audit took place in 2005 and an improvement plan was put in place to address identified issues.   A copy of East Renfrewshire Council's 2005 Best Value Report is available in the related documents section.  The council is being audited in 2017.  The report for this audit will be published in November 2017.

Details of BV Audit reports for other councils can be found on the Audit Scotland website.

Local scrutiny plans

The local scrutiny plan sets out the planned scrutiny activity in East Renfrewshire Council . It is based on a shared risk assessment carried out by a local area network (LAN), which is made up of representatives from all the scrutiny bodies who engage with the Council.

The plan does not identify or address all risks in the Council. It covers only those risk areas that the LAN has identified as requiring scrutiny, or where scrutiny is planned as part of a national programme. Planned scrutiny activity across all councils in Scotland informs the National Scrutiny Plan, which is available on the Audit Scotland website.

Public Performance Reporting

Audit Scotland, on behalf of the Accounts Commission, complete an annual evaluation of the extent to which councils are meeting their statutory public performance reporting (PPR) responsibilities. The most recent 13/14 PPR evaluation was considered by the Accounts Commission in June 2015. Overall, East Renfrewshire Council performed extremely well. We were ranked joint third in Scotland, achieving a score of 24 out of the 26 criteria assessed.  Our approach, on having a balanced picture of performance, was also highlighted in the report as an area of good practice.

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