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Community learning and development

Community learning and development provides young people (under 25) and adults (aged 16+) with skills for life, learning and work. It also supports community groups to be independent, sustainable and to make meaningful contribution to their community.

Community learning and development (CLD) in East Renfrewshire includes working with individuals to improve their skills, increase their confidence and encourage active citizenship.  It also focuses on growing some types of community-led groups and services that make  communities more cohesive, sustainable and better able to overcome the challenges they face. CLD is always learner-led and participation is voluntary.

In East Renfrewshire, CLD delivery is split into three core elements:

  • youth work
  • community capacity building
  • adult learning

The Scottish Government's national strategic focus for CLD is:

  • To improve life chances for people of all ages through learning, personal development and active citizenship.
  • To help build stronger, more resilient, supportive, influential and inclusive communities.

CLD is largely delivered by the following council services:

Alongside the third sector interface:

We will also work in partnership with organisations that include:

Community learning and development Strategy

The Requirements for Community Learning and Development (Scotland) Regulations 2013 places a legal obligation on local authorities to work with partners to assess the need for CLD within their authority area through consultation, then develop and publish a plan for 2015-2018 by 1 September 2015. Each authority and their CLD partners are required to:

  • Identify target individuals and groups in each of the key life stages i.e. early years, young people, adults and older people.
  • Consider the needs of these target individuals and groups for CLD.
  • Assess the degree to which those needs are already being met.
  • Identify barriers to the adequate and efficient provision of relevant CLD.

A CLD strategy and plan must be published every three years with the first to be made public by 1 September 2015.  It must include:

  • What the local authority and its partners intend to do.
  • How delivery will be co-ordinated by the local authority.
  • What needs have been identified but will not be met during the relevant three years.

A comprehensive consultation exercise has driven the CLD plan in East Renfrewshire to ensure that the plan meets the needs of individuals and communities. A broad spread of local people and partners were consulted including core CLD staff, 21 partner organisations, 42 focus groups involving over 200 learners, and 68 local groups completing an online survey.

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