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Housing services

Common repairs and factoring

Responsibilities of homeowners and the factor with regards to common repairs to shared areas including blocked drains.

Owners Responsibilities for Common Repairs

When you buy a flat you take on a shared responsibility for the repairs and maintenance of all common areas, shared facilities and management of the building but you are responsible for repairs and maintenance to your own individual property.

What are common areas?

The common parts of the building include:

  • Roof
  • Roughcast
  • Guttering and down pipes
  • Entrance steps and paths
  • Close windows
  • Door entry systems
  • Close and stairwell lighting

In some instances common landscaped areas are maintained.

Where can I find impartial advice on common repairs and maintenance?

You can find out more information about dealing with common repairs at Under One Roof, a new website that was launched in September 2016 where you will find impartial advice on repairs and maintenance for flat owners in Scotland.

How do you report a common repair?

When you think a repair is required to any common area you can report this in the following ways:

Reporting a blocked drain

Every year there are around 37,000 blocked drains and sewers across Scotland. Around 80% of these blockages that clog up the cycle are caused by either inappropriate items being flushed down the toilet or fat, oil and grease being put down the sink.

When someone reports a blockage to the council, we have to attend in four hours if there is any sewage present. Sometimes these blockages are found to be in the public sewers and are Scottish Water's responsibility to fix. If Scottish Water is called, they carry out the work and owners are not charged but if we have to attend, we need to recharge any owners that are affected. Our contact centre currently has no procedure for contacting any other agencies (e.g. Scottish Water) and work is issued to our term contractor who is currently DAMM Environmental Ltd.

If you discover a blockage whether there is sewage present or not, it may be worthwhile contacting Scottish Water in the first instance. They set their timescales when jobs are reported so you will not know how long it will take them to attend until you contact them.

If you wish to report an emergency please call Scottish Water's 24 hour emergency number - 0845 601 8855

You an visit their website at

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