List of groups, clubs and societies

Find out what groups, clubs and societies exist in East Renfrewshire.

Burns Grove Dance Group

Ms Glenda Egan Phone: 0141 580 6504 Email:

Busby Memory Lane

Evelyn Baxter Phone: 07768 344887 Email:

Busby Tennis Club

Ms Dorothy McDonald Phone: 07752 848207 Email:

Busby Towns Women's Guild

Ms Fiona Bittle Phone: 0141 237 6773 Email:

Care and Repair

Care and Repair Phone: 0141 812 4111

Clarkston Bowling and Tennis Club

Tennis Email: Bowling Phone: 0141 638 1155 Email:

Clarkston Snowsports Club

Mr Fergus Crawford Phone: 07714 983305 Email:

Eaglesham History Society

Mr Hugh Green Email:

Eaglesham Parent Council

Ms Jill McFarlane Email:

East Renfrewshire Art Club

Ms Sandra MacBeath Phone: 0141 639 5836 Email:

Eastwood Bereavement Support Group

Phone: 07858 522767 Email:

Eastwood Juveniles Football

Mr Craig Watson Phone: 07793 404121 Email:
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