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Complaints, feedback and having your say

Annual complaints report

How are we performing? How have we used your feedback in our decisions?

We are committed to providing high-quality customer services. However, we do understand that sometimes things can go wrong. We value your feedback and use the information from complaints to help us improve our services.

End Year 2015/16

During 2015-16 we continued to handle your complaints effectively and efficiently. We handled the majority of complaints within set timescales and on average met our targets around complaints.  We will however work to further improve this over the next year where we took slightly longer to get back to your complaints compared to last year.

We also learned from what you told us and made a number of improvements to services in response to your complaints.  A summary of this information is provided below.  Our detailed annual complaints report can be found in the related links section on this page.

More information on our performance, including in relation to complaints, can be found at:

Total complaints received

We received 1,677 complaints (18.2 complaints per 1,000 population compared to 17.3 last year)

Completed within Timescales
  • 84% of stage one 'Frontline' complaints were resolved within 5 working days, compared to 79% last year.
  • 89% of stage two 'Investigation' complaints were resolved within 20 working days, compared to 85% last year.
Time to Respond

It took us an average of:

  • 3.6 working days to respond to initial stage one 'Frontline' complaints, compared to 4.1 last year.
  • 13.6 working days to respond to stage two 'Investigation' complaints compared to 15.2 last year.
Complaint Types and Outcomes
  • The majority of complaints were in relation to the standard of service received
  • The majority of complaints were resolved by providing more information to the customer
  • This follows the same trend as last year

We have been responding to what you told us to make changes to the services we provide.  A number of improvements have already been made as a result of the consideration of complaints, ranging from service redesign to small scale alterations to existing practice.  We will continue to further improve our services based on complaints and feedback received from our customers where we can.

Using your feedback, some of the changes we have made include:

  • Increasing pre-five places in Newton Mearns;
  • Reviewing Customer First calls and the Customer Care procedure;
  • Targeted training for frontline staff;
  • Appointing a new Housing Workforce Planning Officer to deal with delays and improve communication around housing repairs;
  • The Education department agreed to extend current Breakfast club provision in schools to the end of the school session.
  • Training in council tax collection procedures
  • Reduction in noise levels during the Electric Glen festival.

More information on this and our performance in handling complaints can be found in the annual and quarterly complaints reports in the related documents section of this page as well as at:

Previous year report:

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Complaints, feedback and having your say

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