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Live chat is available Monday to Friday between 8.45am and 4.45pm (except public holidays).

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Customer care standards

Information about our customer care standards detailing the minimum level of service customers can expect when contacting us.

Customer care standards show our ongoing commitment to providing high quality, efficient and consistent responses to all our customers.

When reviewing the standards we spoke to residents about what they would like to see, as well as key employees with experience in responding to a wide range of customer enquiries to check what was achievable.

What to expect when you contact us

In writing (by email or letter):

  • We'll respond within 5 working days (either to answer your query or to let you know when a full response will be given)

By telephone:

  • We'll answer your calls within 20 seconds
  • We'll say 'Good morning/afternoon, East Renfrewshire Council/or service, person's name' when answering your call

By social media:

  • We'll display the hours all social media accounts are monitored as well as our approved house rules
  • We'll respond with 5 working days (either to signpost you to where you should ask your question, answer your question or to let you know when a full response will be given)

In person:

  • We'll greet you at our main public reception areas within 10 minutes of your arrival
  • All employees will wear an identification badge and/or council uniform at all times
  • We'll help you to complete forms when appropriate
  • We'll respect your privacy and arrange a private location for you, if you ask for one

Please note, these standards do not apply where other established statutory timescales exist. For more complex complaints needing investigation, we'll respond within 20 working days.

How are standards monitored?

We monitor performance against these standards through mystery shopping and reporting the results to senior managers and elected members.