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Getting to school

Cycling and Walking to School

Over 40% of pupils in East Renfrewshire currently walk and cycle to school.


Parents and guardians can teach road safety simply by walking their child to and from school. The benefits of walking include:

  • It is healthy
  • It means that there is less traffic at the school gate, improving safety
  • It is sociable
  • It is less stressful than driving, reduces your carbon footprint and saves money on fuel

Walk to School Weeks

Every May and October, each school is invited to participate in "Walk to School Week" to raise awareness of the benefits of walking to school.

Scottish Cycle Training

All 25 primary schools participate in the Scottish Cycle Training scheme at P6 level, of which 8 train on-road.

School Travel Plans

The majority of primary schools have now formulated school travel plans which aim to increase levels of walking and cycling to school by removing the barriers to these activities.

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